Terms and Conditions
Formula Austin, LLC was created to provide attendees to racing events in Austin, Texas the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful city and have access to unique opportunities that only exist here. The goal is to provide a seamless way to plan your extracurricular activities in hopes that you will come back and visit year after year.


Pricing is per person in US Dollars. If you are located outside of the United States the exchange rate of a foreign currency to the US dollar is determined by the credit card company and not by Formula Austin. Formula Austin, LLC, does not assume any responsibility or liability associated with the conversion of a foreign currency to the US dollar. Pricing is subject to change without prior notice.

The Internet Processing Fee added to each purchase includes transaction processing fees and the 8.25% Texas state sales tax.

Ticketfly is the ticketing agent for the ACL function and fees will be determined by Ticketfly and added to the price of ACL tickets.

Refund Policy

Purchaser may cancel his or her reservation to any event they have booked with Formula Austin (except the Ben Crenshaw or Tom Kite golfing events) up to 90 days prior to the date of the event and refunds will be credited to the credit card account used to purchase the tickets less a 5% processing fee. Within 90 days of the date of the event there will be no refunds issued. The Ultimate Golfing Experience with Ben Crenshaw requires a mininum of 40 participants. In the event the minimum is not reached the event will be cancelled and a refund issued.

If the Formula 1 race in Austin is cancelled a request for a refund can be made up to 60 days prior to the date of the event and refunds will be credited to the credit card account used to purchase the tickets less a 5% processing fee.

Formula Austin, LLC, retains the right to cancel an event at any time for any reason. In the event that Formula Austin cancels an event, a full refund will be credited to the credit card account used to purchase the tickets for the event.


All events have limited availability. Some of the Special Events are limited to 12-20 people. Tickets will be available on a first come, first served, basis. Once an event is fully subscribed the event will be closed to further sales.

Event Information and Pick Up Locations

Pick up locations will be emailed to each event purchaser within 30 days prior to the event along with other information pertaining to the event. There will be at least one pick up location in downtown Austin. Other locations may be chosen based on a number of criteria including, but not limited to, number of participants in an event from a particular hotel.

There are events that do not include transportation such as the cycling events and the rowing events. These events are located in the downtown Austin area and are easily accessible.


The event participant will need a form of identification. If one of the events is the Hill Country and Harley Tour the participant will need to provide a current motorcycle license.

Gratuity Information

Gratuities are included in the price for all events for items covered by the event. Some events do not include beverages. If items are purchased that are not specifically covered by the event, such as a bottle of wine, it is customary, although not required, for a gratuity to be paid to the server in an amount of 18% of the purchase price.

Weather Related Information

All events will be conducted, rain or shine, with the exception of Hill Country and Harley, Mountain Bike the Green Belt, Ride Like the Wind with Kevin Livingston, and Rowing on Lady Bird Lake. Those events will be subject to a weather cancellation determined solely by Formula Austin. If one of these events is cancelled by Formula Austin, a full refund will be credited to the credit card account used to purchase the tickets for the event.

Printing of Tickets

All tickets will be printed on the purchaser's printer. There will be no will call at the pick up locations in Austin or at the events. All events requiring transportation will have at least one Formula Austin representative who will have a list of the names and the quantity of tickets purchased to the event.


Formula Austin will not be held responsible for any claims, including personal or property damages, delays, illness, extreme fatigue, loss of use, resulting from:
  • Default, negligence, omission or overbooking on the part of one of our experience partners
  • Illness, strike, theft, mechanical breakdown, quarantine, government or police restrictions, war, terrorist act, weather conditions or any other cause beyond our control, including any changes made to an experience as a result of these events.
  • Any damages resulting from the traveler's physical condition, food poisoning, health problems, accident during the trip, etc.
  • Bankruptcy, suspension of a supplier, partner, or carrier's business.
  • Texas law (Section 87.003, Civil Practices and Remedies Code) releases the owner, sponsor, producer, and participant from liability for property damage or personal injury during events involving horses or livestock. This law applies to the "So You Want to be a Cowboy" experience.